Resources for student survivors

College can be a challenging time for most any person, especially when they have experienced sexual violence. Below you will find a guide on sexual assault on college campuses and school-specific Title IX information. Click the image to download PDF.



Our Sexual Assault Awareness and Resources for College Students guide includes information on sexual assault, options after an assault, including a medical exam, and helpful resources. This is an excellent resource for any Title IX office, Women's center, LGBTQIA+ resource center, or International Student's center. 




School-specific information.


Brigham Young University (BYU)
Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) - South Jordan
Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) - Taylorsville
Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) - South City
University of Utah (UofU)
Utah State University (USU)
Utah Valley University (UVU)
Utah Tech University (Formerly Dixie State University)


Additional Resources


Know Your Rights: Title IX Prohibits Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Where You Go to School



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