Advocate Training

40-Hour Training Sexual Assault Counselor Training

The professionalism and expertise of sexual assault advocates are essential to maintaining clients' privacy. The Utah Confidential Communications Act requires that sexual assault advocates have forty hours of sexual assault-specific advocacy training. Conversations with victims or alleged victims are privileged only if the advocate has completed forty hours of sexual violence-specific training. We collaborate with local and regional care personnel to provide our Sexual Assault Counselor Training. The training is available to advocates and law enforcement. Our training team includes legal, medical, and human services professionals who facilitate each topic alongside our trained and dedicated staff. For more information, CLICK HERE!


Utah Sexual Violence Conference

The Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault (UCASA) is excited to announce the 9th Annual Utah Sexual Violence Conference! This year's theme is "Step Up! Moving Together to End Sexual Violence." For more information, CLICK HERE!


UCASA's YouTube page offers a number of in-depth training on everything from the basics of trauma to understanding CODIS. These videos are an excellent way for community members, advocates, and other professionals to refer back to or gain a bit of knowledge that they didn't have before. If you missed a webinar, you can catch it on our YouTube a week or so after the live broadcast! Included below are a few notable videos to start with, then visit our YouTube to find more. For more information, CLICK HERE!


UCASA is proud to offer webinars in addition to our 40-hour rape crisis Counselor Training and Community trainings. These online, interactive presentations are open to everyone who wants to gain a little more knowledge on a topic or dive right into a new promising practice. Join us in one of many virtual trainings available! For more information, CLICK HERE!

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