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One of the most effective tools for advocates to do their jobs is quality and effective training. At UCASA, we strive to offer accessible, trauma-informed, and engaging education. If you or a staff member needs training, check the links below for more information.

Training requirements for rape crisis counselors (advocates) include:

HB53 Victim Communications Amendments– This is specifically for system advocates (usually called 'victim assistants' and those who work for the criminal justice system) being required to be 40-hour trained. It also details all the ways that information gained from a survivor can be shared with criminal justice actors. 

53B-28-201 Confidential Communications for Institutional Advocacy Services Act (generally refers to advocates at universities or colleges). This statue outlines the 40-hour training requirements for campus advocates.

For more information on our training offerings, CLICK HERE!

Title IX resources

Our Sexual Assault Awareness and Resources for College Students guide includes information on sexual assault, options after an assault, including a medical exam, and helpful resources. This is an excellent resource for any Title IX office, Women's center, LGBTQIA+ resource center, or International Student's center. For more information, CLICK HERE!

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