New first of its kind mobile app in Utah aims to help victims of sexual assault

SALT LAKE CITY – There’s a new mobile app available for survivors of sexual assault who are trying to heal.

The Utah Coalition against sexual assault launched the “You Are a Survivor” mobile app. It’s the first of its kind in Utah.

“We want them to control this process. We want them to have resources at their fingertips, and determine if they want to move forward,” said Turner Bitton, UCASA, executive director.

By accessing the app, survivors can learn how to file a report, understand trauma, legal options, and victim’s rights.

“Trauma impacts us all very differently and very similarly,” said Bitton.

The app is also a resource for families and loved ones of survivors.

“Research suggests upwards of 90 percent of survivors go to a secondary survivor or a friend or family member before they ever go to an informal support based on how that response happens,” said Bitton.

Rep. Angela Romero (D-SLC) hopes the app will help victims speak out and become survivors. Romero works closely with peer health educators on the Planned Parenthood Association Utah’s Teen Council.

“It's never the survivor's fault,” said Sofia Garza, Peer Health Educators Planned Parenthood Assoc. Utah's Teen Council.

For those who are afraid to talk to adults, the app can put them more at ease.

“With this new app, we can start to understand where people are coming from more and start creating change,” said Thalia Barnett, Peer Health Educators Planned Parenthood Assoc. Utah’s Teen Council.

“Teens are very comfortable with their phones. Having something where they know where to go, who to talk to, they know what can be done is really helpful,” said Garza.

The You Are Survivor app is free. It’s available on the Apple Store, and Google Play Store.

To download the app, click here.

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