Job Opportunity: UCASA is seeking a Coordinated Community Response Team Manager

Salary: $49,920.00 plus health, dental, vision
Job Description: Reports to: Executive Director

Purpose: Oversee and manage the Coordinated Community Response (CCR) program, a statewide initiative seeking to build communication and collaboration between agencies serving sexual assault victims and provide a collaborative, interdisciplinary team response to sexual assault. The Manager will conduct communication between Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs) throughout the State of Utah, coordinate and facilitate statewide protocol development related to sexual assault, assist rural communities with establishing coordinated community responses, Coordinate best practice and statewide standards of care and protocols,
multi-disciplinary collaboration, and communication between SARTs throughout Utah.

• Decrease CCR program isolation and act as a centralized contact.
• Research, identify and promote CCR best practices and work to create consistency among programs.
• Support developing CCR programs, operations, and protocols.
• Coordinate, support and enhance existing and developing CCR programs in Utah, building infrastructure and alliances with appropriate non-profit and state agencies to promote consistent, professional and victim-oriented response and treatment of sexual assault victims.
• Coordinate and strengthen communications among community CCR members: law enforcement agencies, county district attorney’s office, crime lab, sexual assault nurse examiners, county victim/witness assistance programs, and rape crisis centers.
• Coordinate and strengthen communications among campus, military, corrections, tribal areas and other specialized setting CCR members.
• Coordinate and implement CCR training activities that focus on new and continuing education that help to sustain CCR’s throughout the state.
• Support smaller communities by providing training and materials to help prevent programs from stagnating in development phases.
• Support and coordinate relevant community education, public outreach and legislation.
• Promote and advocate for victims rights.
• Conduct a national-scope review of the current literature, existing curricula, and resource materials as well as established state and local protocols; model programs and protocols; promising practices; and other
resources that can complement or support the development of the CCR manuals.
• Assess the state of CCR development across the state to determine the unmet technical assistance needs of first responders to sexual assault victims, particularly among underserved and special populations.
• Compile promising practices for serving special populations in rural, remote, or tribal areas, and in military and campus settings, and child victims.
• Develop CCR manuals that includes information on such topics as assessing community feasibility to support a CCR program; working with diverse and underserved victim populations; legal and jurisdictional
issues and considerations; a delineation of CCR member roles, responsibilities, and boundaries; the impact of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) regulations on CCR practices and operation; and other topics as they are identified.
• Promote the National Protocol: Sexual Assault Forensic Medical Examination and assist communities with developing protocols and policies, HIPPA authorizations, EMTALA screening policies, and medical record
• Develop a workshop format for a multidisciplinary audience that can be used at conferences, community meetings, and other settings to disseminate information and technical assistance to those interested in developing a CCR.
• Provide technical assistance to communities using the technical assistance materials and workshop.
• Facilitate multidisciplinary meetings to establish and/or progress the development of SART programs.
• Participate on developing and existing sexual assault response teams throughout the state, including responses involving child victims.
• Develop and maintain a statewide CCR directory that can also be used to resource local expert witnesses.
• Oversee the implementation of the Agency Matters program.

1. A Bachelor’s Degree or commensurate experience are required. Applicants should demonstrate increasing responsibilities and professional development.
2. Experience in adult instruction, technical writing, program development, and protocol or policy development.
3. Knowledge in SANE and SART operations, programs, policies and protocols.
4. Familiarity with forensics, crime lab procedures, emergency medical terminology and procedures, victim advocacy, and victim service agencies.
5. An understanding of and agreement with UCASA’s mission statement and philosophy regarding the elimination of sexual violence, empowerment of victim/survivors, anti-oppression commitment, and social change.
6. Experience working in government operations or non-profit organization.
7. 40-hour sexual assault counselor trained and certified. May be completed after hiring.
8. Ability to work scheduled hours on a regular basis, some weekends and evenings required.
9. Ability to travel statewide, a valid Utah driver’s license, access to an automobile, and valid auto insurance required.
10. Visionary, enthusiastic and invested in fulfilling the obligations of the position. Actively participates in the co-inspiration and co-creation of projects while providing momentum.
11. Proficiency with general office duties, computer systems and technology including website development and maintenance.
12. Excellent writing, interpersonal communication, and public speaking skills.
13. Comprehensive knowledge of direct victim services and the agencies involved with violence against women issues and sexual violence issues.
14. Demonstrated ability to work independently and self-manage.
15. Has the skill set to multi-task and meet deadlines.
16. Demonstrated experience functioning within multidisciplinary settings.
17. Ability to collaborate and invite collaboration.
18. Experience with media response.
19. Ability to express opinions and work through conflict in a constructive manner.
20. Able to demonstrate skills in effective communication, conflict resolution and problem-solving.
Location: 284 W 400 N Suite 103
Status: Open


How to Apply: Email your resume and cover letter to BOTH [email protected] and [email protected]
Closing Date: 11/1/2018
Your Website: Visit organizational website.