40 Hour Sexual Violence Advocacy Training

The Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with your organization to deliver a comprehensive Rape Crisis Advocacy training that gives crisis line advocates the information and tools they need to handle calls from victims of sexual assault effectively and sensitively.

More specifically, this course will offer the following benefits:

  • Give volunteers, staff, and advocates affiliated with your organization information and tools to understand the role of crisis line advocates
  • Debunk myths about sexual assault and support volunteer and advocates in recognizing and combating bias
  • Help crisis line volunteers and advocates maintain the dignity of victims
  • Support crisis line volunteers and advocates in encouraging victim’s self-advocacy and personal decision making throughout the disclosure and reporting processes
  • Situate each participant within their role as a volunteer, staff member, or allied agency of your organization and their responsibility to the agency, its clients, and to victims
  • Offer additional training for 40 hour certified participants to gain additional skills
  • Enable participants to make-up up to four missed hours of classroom training at their convenience
  • Enable UCASA to certify volunteers, staff, and community allies as sexual assault counselors (allowing for confidential communications) on a state-wide level.

UCASA shares a commitment to training excellence, and we are confident that this collaborative training solution will be a valuable enhancement to your current volunteer and staff training program.

As a professional training and development organization, UCASA combines instructional expertise with curriculum development skills, adult learning theory, human factors knowledge, an understanding of group facilitation dynamics, and an extensive history of advocacy and direct service experience.

Basic Structure

The UCASA 40 Hour Crisis Advocacy Training follows a topic, design, and content structure. This training design is a result of feedback from all rape recovery/crisis programs throughout the state. The curriculum is twenty-four hours of statewide core topics presented by UCASA and sixteen hours of community specific topics facilitated by the local hosting agency.  This overall course design is meant to meet the needs of each area, population, and specific community dynamics.

We will work with your organization to determine the course content of the 16 hours of community-specific content and any continuing education or professional development topics.

Course Overview

The 40 Hour Rape Crisis Advocacy Training course is designed to meet the training needs of individuals who might respond to a victim of sexual violence. The course is meant to meet the needs of a variety of volunteers, staff, and allied professionals who consider themselves advocates—whether as law enforcement officers, prosecutors, volunteers, advocates, medical personnel, caseworkers, or educators. However, this course is not designed to provide the intricacies of the investigation, prosecution, evidence collection, or case management. This course is particularly helpful to individuals who provide many different types of services to victims of sexual violence seeking skill-based knowledge and tools for improved response and intervention.

A side benefit of the course is its multidisciplinary appeal to professionals not working directly with sexual violence issues who also want a better understanding of sexual assault intervention concepts and policies. This course is designed and available to all public service, advocacy, and education organizations, along with information about why the course is helpful to them.

We look forward to working with your organization to implement this training and are pleased to offer a flexible training schedule to meet the needs of your organization. If you have specific questions about the 40 Hour Training please contact Julie Stephenson at julie@ucasa.org or 801-746-0404.

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