Young Emerging Leaders Advisory Council (YELAC)


Our Young Emerging Leaders Advisory Council (YELAC) provides a unique opportunity for young people from diverse backgrounds across the state to participate in our mission and work and is one of our premier leadership development programs. We select young people statewide to contribute to and assist us in further developing our programs and services while acting as ambassadors and leaders for in their communities and at their schools. 

The YELAC is a group of community leaders recognized for their dedication to youth leadership, service-learning, diversity, and above all, the elimination of sexual violence in our community. The YELAC brings valuable youth perspectives to our work and is a source of strength for our organization. YELAC works in communities and schools across the state demonstrating that young people are the key to preventing and eliminating sexual violence in our communities. 

Who are the members of YELAC?  Young people between the ages of 18 and 30 who are current members of our organization.

What is YELAC?  An advisory group within UCASA’s larger membership that assists with our program development. 

The mission of the Young Emerging Leaders Council is: 

  • To connect with the young people in their communities and to represent and communicate their interests, needs, and aspirations within UCASA's existing infrastructure.
  • To develop the leadership skills of YELAC members and support the leadership development of other young people;
  • To champion the work of UCASA in their professional and personal circles;
  • To create mission-based opportunities for other young UCASA members:

What are the pillars of YELAC?

  • Service: Opportunities to participate in projects and programs related to ending sexual violence on campus and in communities,
  • Public policy advocacy: Engagement in advocacy local, regional, and national public policy changes.
  • Leadership development: Organization-based learning and networking opportunities through our local events and activities; and, potentially, regional and national activities.

Why join YELAC?  YELAC is a great opportunity to reach out and engage young people from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and professions in advocacy, service, leadership, and philanthropic support for ending sexual violence in our communities.

How can I join?  Anyone aged 18-30 may join YELAC by applying to join the council. You can apply by completing an application.