hands and hearts

Why join CourtWatch? Here's what our volunteers have to say:

  • "I would like to serve my community more actively and become more involved as a citizen."
  • "I want experience in law and social work because I am considering eventually taking one of those career paths."
  • "I want to be a part of addressing these issues."
  • "I used to be regularly involved in volunteering, and I want to get back into it. I'm specifically interested in CourtWatch because I am a feminist and feel strongly about gender equality in all aspects of life, including law."
  • "I see so much value in beginning my understanding of the law at a community level. Women's rights is a subject I am incredibly passionate about, so a focus on domestic and sexual abuse in Utah county through CourtWatch has been eye-opening. I plan to share my experiences with those in my circle of influence and increase awareness of how prevalent domestic abuse, child abuse, and sexual abuse are in our community."
  • "I care deeply for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. I have not experienced them personally but I know many people that have. I love that CourtWatch is working to fix the system, treating the illness and not just symptoms."
  • "I want to remove the stigma felt by those who have suffered sexual violence and domestic and child abuse."
  • "I would like to make a difference in my community and give back to those who are in need."
  • "I love being in the courtroom! I love the idea of combining my passion with a volunteer opportunity. I love advocating for those who have been given an unfair situation in life."
  • "I want to help others."