UCASA Seeks Proposals for Graphic Design Services

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Request for Proposals

For Bookkeeping Services

For the period: November 2017 - Ongoing

Inquiries and proposals should be directed to:

Name: Turner C. Bitton
Title: Executive Director
Entity: Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Address: 284 West 400 North Suite Salt Lake City, Utah 84103
Phone: 801-746-0404 Ext. 1
Email: [email protected]

We are seeking a professional graphic artist, design studio, or design/print firm, to provide ongoing graphic design services for the coalition and our member programs. Inasmuch as UCASA is an organization engaged in public affairs, the selected designer is expected to reflect the creative spirit and interests of the organization and make all materials a cohesive companion to UCASA's branding materials. The goal for the new designer is to make UCASA more visually appealing, attractive to a contemporary demographics of prospective members and supporters as well as showcase the work of our members and coalition.

UCASA is seeking proposals for the design and layout services for our public communications. The selected designer or firm will work with us to:

  • Update and refresh UCASA's existing marketing and branding assets. 
  • Enhance UCASA's brand identity by creating new branding assets. 
  • Provide UCASA's member programs with design services in accordance with the expectations of the contract.

The designer may need to create graphics, use stock photography, copyrighted photos from artists or other sources, and edit copy in order to fill the layout and create a visually pleasing appearance. The designer will provide a proof to UCASA for final review within the established timelines defined in the contract.

The designer will be responsible for coordinating the project timeline, ensuring that the project stays on track and meeting required deadlines. The designer is expected to make recommendations based on best practices to UCASA to improve processes for submitting copy, photos, and other elements.

After final approval from UCASA the designer will provide design files to the commercial printer according to the printer’s specifications. Designer will provide print standards to the printer to include elements such as paper selection, coating, saddle stitching and the like. UCASA will select the commercial printing company. The designer will be responsible for coordinating printer deadlines, supervising and approval of the print production for quality in order to meet publishing dates.

UCASA will retain ownership of all work produced including graphic design output. The designer will provide UCASA with a packaged and compatible documents as well as original files.

Period of Award

The award period for this contract will be November 1, 2017, through December 31, 2018. This contract may be renewable upon mutual agreement but at UCASA's discretion.

Official Communications and Inquiries

This RFP will be posted on the UCASA website. Modifications to requirements, answers to inquiries, and clarifications will be posted on this page. Prospective bidders may submit written inquiries via e-mail to [email protected] to obtain clarification of the work requirements.

Contract Award and Negotiation

All proposals will be evaluated on presentation of all qualifications. Cost is only one consideration of the requirements and is not the deciding element.

In the event that there is only one bidder on the project, UCASA reserves the right to negotiate for the services with the bidder submitting the proposal in lieu of accepting the proposal as is. The selected bidder will be required to sign a contract with UCASA upon acceptance of the project.


The deadline to submit materials is Tuesday October 31st, 2017.


Please send a copy of the proposal by email to [email protected].