Sexual Assault Awareness Month - Utah Events

UCASA Events:


  • April 1st SART Power Hour at 10 AM

Training Opportunity!

This event is only for Victim Advocates, Law Enforcement Victim Officers, Forensic Exam medical examiners, forensic scientists, and prosecutors.


UCASA has partnered with the Utah Office for Victims of Crimes and the Utah Department of Public Safety to bring you the SART Power Hour series! Take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about Sexual Assault Response Teams in Utah and connect with colleagues across the state.

Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs)are coalitions of agencies that serve sexual assault victims. Core membership for SARTs typically includes victim advocates, law enforcement officers, forensic medical examiners, forensic scientists, and prosecutors. Multidisciplinary SARTs work together to formalize interagency guidelines that prioritize victims’ needs, hold offenders accountable, and promote public safety.

Training Topic: The Basics

During this hour we will review the role of law enforcement, SANE nurses, prosecutors, system-based advocate, and community-based advocate.


Steve O'Camb

Marlesse D. Jones

Vickie Bushman

Susan Chasson

Delia Kirk

Liliana Olvera-Arbon

Register at this link. 


  • April 5th Art Healing Workshop for Advocates at 10 AM 

This virtual workshop is for all advocates in the State of Utah to provide a creative opportunity to explore their journey toward growth and transformation by using the butterfly as a powerful symbol for their hopes, dreams and freedom. Butterflies are very special and beautiful creatures, even though they don't start out that way. Like each one of us, they grow and change. We invite you to relax and enjoy your special creative journey during this art workshop to explore and express your colorful soul. For more information and to sign up please email Doni Arnold at [email protected] 

  • April 7th Start by Believing Event In Person at Capitol Building at 9 AM

On this day, we gather to end the silence and change the way we respond to sexual assault. We Start by Believing. This event will be a collaboration between UCASA, Rape Recovery Center and Representative Romero. We will be gathering in person at the Capitol at 9 AM.

  • April 14th Art Healing Workshop for Survivors at 5 PM 

This virtual workshop is open for all survivors in the state of Utah, the Personal Needs Flower- This workshop aims to help participants focus on and honor their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through the creation of a flower with each petal representing those needs. Please register with our facilitating advocate [email protected] 

  • April 28th Denim Day Campaign/Action Day

Wear Denim during this day!

For the past 22 years, Peace Over Violence has run an inspiring and powerful opportunity to practice solidarity and support survivors by renewing our commitment to exposing harmful behaviors and attitudes surrounding sexual violence. Denim Day is a campaign on a Wednesday in April in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The campaign began after a ruling by the Italian Supreme Court where a rape conviction was overturned because the justices felt that since the victim was wearing tight jeans she must have helped the person who raped her remove her jeans, thereby implying consent. The following day, the women in the Italian Parliament came to work wearing jeans in solidarity with the victim. Peace Over Violence developed the Denim Day campaign in response to this case and the activism surrounding it. Since then, what started as a local campaign to bring awareness to victim blaming and destructive myths that surround sexual violence has grown into a movement. As the longest running sexual violence prevention and education campaign in history, Denim Day asks community members, elected officials, businesses and students to make a social statement with their fashion statement by wearing jeans on this day as a visible means of protest against the misconceptions that surround sexual violence.

  • April 29th Sexual Assault Legislative Update at 5 PM

This virtual event will be a collaboration between UCASA, Rape Recovery Center and Representative Romero. Representative Romero will be providing vital information in regards to the legislative update. For more information please email Emma Zevallos at [email protected]


Rape Recovery Center Events: 

  • April 1st: Digital Consent Instagram and Facebook Stories at 5 PM

Watch the Rape Recovery Center’s Instagram and Facebook stories for their kickoff of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 

  • Beyond Sex Ed: A talk on Boundaries & Consent for the Tik Tok Generation April 5, 2021 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. MST 

Register Now 

Open to Ages 14+ 

Join the Rape Recovery Center's Prevention team in this fun and interactive session where consent will be discussed beyond sex ed and why it matters 

  • April 7th: Start By Believing Day of Action 

Since 2015, led by Representative Angela Romero the State of Utah has joined the country every April 7th in a unified voice for survivors of sexual violence. Start by Believing Day is an opportunity for each of us to clearly state that we believe survivors and seek community solutions to accountability and justice.

On this Day of Action, join the Rape Recovery Center by pledging to “ Start by believing when someone tells me they were raped or sexually assaulted, support survivors on the road to justice and healing, help end the silence.” via Post your pledge and tag the Rape Recovery Center on Instagram or Facebook. Use the tag #SAAM2021RRC all participants will be entered to receive one of our limited edition “Believe Survivor” Hoodies! 

  • April 15th: How to speak your language of Sex, Love, and Play 

April 15, 2021 

12:00 p.m. MST 

Registration Information coming soon! 

In collaboration with the University of Utah's Women's Resource Center and the Center of Ethnic Student Affairs, the Rape Recovery Center is thrilled to host Ignacio G Hutía Xeiti Rivera, M.A. (they/them/theirs). They is an Activist, Writer, Educator, Sex(ual) Healer, Filmmaker, Performance Artist, and Mother. Ignacio has over 20 years of experience on multiple fronts, including economic justice, anti-racist and anti-violence work, mujerista, LGBTQI, and sex-positive movements. Their lived experience of homelessness, poverty, and sexual trauma influence their work. Ignacio's work is driven by the strengths of identifying as a survivor, transgender, Yamoká-hu/Two-Spirit, Black-Boricua-Taíno, and queer. The workshop will talk, discuss, negotiate and hold folxs accountable for all of our desires – those spoken and unspoken. 

  • April 19th: Modeling Health Behaviors: Keeping Kids Safe While Spending More Time Online 

April 19, 2021 

1:00 p.m. MST 

Children and adults alike can use social media or view screens in perfectly healthy ways. Problems occur when excessive attention to screens crowds out other learning behaviors and exposes children to troubling content, advertisers, and people. How do you then model what is appropriate, expected, and normal? Join our host, Prevent Child Abuse Utah, as we discuss how to model, engage, and teach children healthy behaviors and patterns online. 

  • April 20th: “It’s a Match” workshop at 4:30 PM

April 20, 2021 

4:30 p.m. MST 

Open to ages 14+ 

Register Now 

In collaboration with the University of Utah’s Center for Student Wellness, we are thrilled to host a workshop on navigating relationships. Whether it be a casual hook-up, a blossoming friendship, a spicy pleasure-affair, or a committed partnership, we will identify what makes a relationship “healthy.” This includes what you want out of your relationships and the critical role of self-care, pleasure, communication, and consent plays.

  • April 27th: Supporting survivors workshop at 6 PM

April 27, 2021 

6:00 p. m. - 7:00 p. m. MST 

Register Now 

Open to Ages 14+ 

For many survivors, social distancing limits access to services, medical care, and community supports -- and social unrest and crisis are often linked to increased risk of sexual assault and abuse (NSVRC,2021). How then can we best take care of ourselves during this time? Join us in this workshop to learn ways to foster a sense of connection and serve as an important reminder that we are not alone. Facilitators will provide participants a toolkit after the workshop. 

  • April 29th: Pillar of Hope Awardees Announcement

Each year, the Rape Recovery Center honors a community member or organization for their work in sexual violence treatment, awareness, or prevention. Join us as we recognize this year's awardee for their contributions to our community. Past award winners include Representative Angela Romero, Jennifer Seelig, Deondra Brown, Chief Lee Russo, Dr. Julie Valentine, Pacific Island Knowledge 2 Action Resources, Centro de la Familia de Utah, and Ashley Love.


Canyon Creek Services Events:

  • April 5th - 12th: The Clothesline Project in Cedar City, Enoch, and Parowan

For more information please click this link.

  • April 7th: Start By Believing campaign

For more information please click this link.

  • April 28th: Denim Day contest with local businesses

For more information please click this link.


Safe Harbor Events:

  • March 31st, 2021 - Paint the Town Teal 

Join Safe Harbor in turning Davis County teal for Sexual Assault Awareness Month! Volunteers and community partners wil l come together to tie bright teal ribbons along several prominent main streets and share flyers with local businesses to raise awareness about sexual assault awareness month. This event wil l help make a bold, visible statement that Davis County supports survivors and that we wil l not tolerate sexual violence in our community. This is a fun and meaningful event that the whole family can enjoy! 

  • April 1st:  Paint the Town Teal (Davis County Mayors signing proclamation) 

Mayors throughout Davis County wil l sign an annual proclamation declaring April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This proclamation also draws awareness to the harm that sexual violence does in our community and urges individuals to step up and take part in preventing sexual violence. 

For more information please click this link.

  • April 1st - 30th, 2021 - What Were You Wearing Installation (Virtual) 

This exhibit is based on survivor descriptions of the clothing they were wearing during a sexual assault. This powerful exhibition aims to shatter the myth that sexual assault is attributed to a person's choice of wardrobe. This exhibit aims to challenge participants to understand that sexual assault is never about clothing. Putting on clothing is such a common and basic action that we all do daily, to take that action and combine it with pain and suffering taints the individual outfit for the survivor and also calls into question all the simplistic and normal daily behaviors as dangerous. 

  • April 5th - 11th, 2021 - Start By Believing Challenge 

Start by Believing is a public awareness campaign designed to end the cycle of silence and change the way we respond to sexual assault. It was first launched in April 2011. Since then, thousands of people across the country and around the world have made their own personal commitments. Join Safe Harbor during the Start By Believing Challenge from April 5th through 

the 11th. It’s time to end this cycle of silence and change the way we respond to sexual assault. The first step is to personally take the pledge. It all starts with you. Make your personal commitment to Start by Believing. I pledge to Start by Believing if someone tel ls me about their sexual assault. I pledge to support survivors on their road to justice and healing. I pledge to end the cycle of silence. Join Safe Harbor using the hashtag #StartbyBelievingSHCC and tag Safe Harbor @SafeHarborCrisisCenter and Start by Believing @StartbyBelieving

For more information please click this link.

  • April 7th: Film Screening: The Hunting Ground at 6:30 PM

Join Safe Harbor for a screening of The Hunting Ground a poignant documentary about the reality of sexual assault on col lege campuses across the country and the institutional shortcomings that al low it to persist. For more information please click this link.

  • April 17: “I Ask” Survivors of Violence Art Showcase

Join Safe Harbor Crisis Center and Bountiful Davis Arts Center to celebrate the strength of survivors of violence and share in the healing power of art. The "I Ask" Survivor Art Showcase will feature powerful , original artwork created by survivors of violence from all experience levels and backgrounds. The creative arts provide a space for emotional expression that can be incredibly healing for survivors as they work to move beyond the trauma of their past abuse. We are honored to be able to support these strong, resilient artists by providing an outlet for them to share their journey with the community. For more information please click this link.

  • April 23rd: Take Back the Night Candlelight Vigil at 6:30 PM

Take Back the Night events began in 1972 when a group of women at a University in Southern Florida marched through campus demanding resources and safety for women. Since then Take Back the Night events have been held annually in over a thousand communities around the world. The purpose of this event is to bring awareness to sexual violence in our community and make a statement against violence. Join Safe Harbor for a Take Back the Night candlelight vigil to unite together against sexual violence within our community. For more information please click this link.

  • April 26th, 2021 - 1st Annual Sexual Violence Conference at 9 AM 

This conference will l focus on a wide range of topics with tracks for law enforcement, advocates, sexual assault nurse examiners (SANE), and community members and will be offered as a hybrid in-person and virtual event. Register for this conference HERE.


Team Hill AFB - Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR) SAAPM Events 

  • 1 April: Paint the Town Teal:

 The SAPR office will be placing banners and teal ribbons around  the installation to kick off #30DaysofSAAPM Activities.  

  • 8 April @ 1000 SAPR Open House: 

Come visit the SAPR Office (Bldg 460 between the  chapel and landing) and sign the Proclamation declaring April as Sexual Assault Awareness and  Prevention Month throughout the base community. If we see conduct that could potentially lead to  

sexual assault, we need to step in and prevent it to the best of our ability and support those who have  already been hurt. Everyone must make this a priority, so every airman can FLY HIGH together. 

  • 15 April @ 1030, 1200, or 1330: SAPR Wacky Walk: 

Join us in a fun and silly walk around  the duck pond. Participants will show off their best “walk” at each station (ex. moonwalk, walk like an  Egyptian, walk like a sloth) and receive SAPR educational awareness items. To make certain Covid  safety measures are being met, registration is required: wacky-walk/ 

  • 22 April @ 1100 Virtual SAAPM: 

The Mission is Transformation - Mike Domitrz,  subject matter expert and author, has been working with all levels of military leadership for over a  decade (from individual units to the Pentagon). In this open discussion, Mike will provide specific steps for creating positive transformations in each unit, command, and on every installation. In this  presentation, Mike will:  

∙ Share specific skill sets and insights for creating long-term cultural transformation toward respect, sex,  consent, bystander intervention, supporting survivors, and the language we use. 

∙ Reveal realistic techniques that everyone can implement immediately – from our young, single military  members to our more seasoned, married leaders. Discover unintentional harm that some leaders are  causing – and the simple solutions for avoiding such damage. 

∙ Discuss the “Slope” of sexual activity that provokes leaders at all levels into having thought-provoking and  sometimes paradigm-shifting conversations regarding their beliefs versus what they believe they can  actually say. 

To register for this free event please visit: 

For questions about any of these events, please contact the SAPR office at 801-777- 1950 or email: [email protected].  

CAPSA Events:

  • April 1st-10th: Start By Believing booth at Baby Animal Days

For more information please click this link.

  • April 12th - 23rd :  Anti-Violence Week in school (banner/pledge)

For more information please click this link.

  • April 9th: Partnering with USU for Take the Night Event

For more information please click this link.

  • April: Attending all City Council Meetings to promote Start By Believing

For more information please click this link.


Peace House Events:

  • 2 Social Media Campaigns for Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Assault Prevention will be launched for more information please click this link.



Utah State University Events:

  • Coffee & Conversation: Q&A with the Gender & Sexuality Program Coordinator

Time: Mar 31, 2021 12:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada) 

Meeting ID: 597 306 2827

Passcode: COFFEE

  • Start By Believing Day

Wednesday, April 7th 8 AM - 3 PM

Utah State University is being recognized by EVAWI for the 10 Year Celebration of Start by Believing for our efforts in making USU a Start by Believing campus! USU is determined to make sure their students, staff, and faculty are educated on how to respond to a survivor who discloses their experience. Pledge booths will be on the Logan, Blanding, and Price campus throughout the day.

  • Unlikely Allies: Creative Collaborations on Higher Education Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Date and Time: Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 3:00 PM MST


Sexual misconduct prevention efforts within institutions of higher education have traditionally consisted of research-based bystander intervention programs and risk reduction education efforts. This panel of faculty, staff, and students introduces a nontraditional collaboration within prevention work which resulted in impactful efforts. Participants will leave the conversation knowing how other courses can integrate similar collaborations within their own space. 


  • Emmalee Fishburn (she/her), MPH, CHES; Senior Prevention Specialist, USU Office of Equity
  • Felicia Gallegos (She/Her), MSW; Outreach and Prevention Coordinator, USU Sexual Assault & Anti-Violence Information (SAAVI) Office
  • Hailey Judd, MPH, CHES
  • Julia Hoffman, Undergraduate Student in English
  • Dr. Avery Edenfield, USU Assistant Professor, Department of English
  • Dory Rosenberg, USU Library 

Join Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 848 9560 1992 

Passcode: 249211 

  • Take Back the Night Community March

Friday, April 9, 2021 7 PM

200 E. Main St. Logan, UT

The Northern Utah Violence Prevention Education Coalition (NUVPEC) is partnering with Utah State University to host a Take Back the Night community march for the Cache Valley community. 

  • Coffee & Conversation: A Message on Self-Love

Time: Apr 14, 2021 12:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada) 

Meeting ID: 597 306 2827

Passcode: COFFEE

  • Coffee & Conversation: Prevention Beyond Compliance

Time: Apr 21, 2021 12:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada) 

Meeting ID: 597 306 2827

Passcode: COFFEE


BYU Campus Events

April 1 

Just Ask- workshop on consent and healthy relationships 7PM via zoom Meeting ID 918 8191 2822 passcode 478128


April 2 


Wear teal to show your support and share a photo with the hashtag #BYUTakeAction

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