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Denim Day Press Conference 


Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 
10 AM 
South Steps of the Capitol 
What is Denim Day?
Denim Day is a campaign on the last Wednesday in April in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The campaign started as a result of a ruling by the Italian Supreme Court where a rape conviction was overturned because the judge believed that since the survivor’s jeans were so tight, she must have helped her rapist remove her jeans,  thereby implying consent. The next day, all of the women in the Italian Parliament wore jeans to work the next day in solidarity with the survivor.
At our Denim Day press conference, We will hear from speakers sharing what their organizations and offices are actively doing to promote prevention and education on sexual assault.
Please join us if you can and wear your denim to show solidarity for survivors of sexual assault.
If you are unable to make it down to the Capitol, you can take your pictures in your denim and share your messages on social media and tag UCASA and use these hashtags

Who can celebrate Denim Day?

Anyone can celebrate Denim Day in so many ways! 

  • You can wear your Denim and take pictures to show support for survivors of sexual assault. 
  • You can share your pictures on social media, i.e. Facebook and Instagram, and tag us! @Ucasa on FB and @Ucasaorg on IG and use the hashtags #DenimDayUtah #UCASA #DenimDayUtah #IWearDenimBecause. #healingtogetherUtah #hopehealingandrecovery #Ucasaorg 
  • You can also share a message about preventing sexual violence (with or without a photo) on social media to bring visibility to common misconceptions about sexual violence and to promote primary prevention. (see "I Wear Denim Because.." card attached)
  • You can also share your experiences or educate others about sexual violence and ways to combat it, like teaching consent at school, work, and at home. 
  • You can educate yourself on all of the terrifying myths and startling realities surrounding sexual violence to be informed and aware of what you can do to be an advocate for survivors and promote primary prevention. 




April 27, 2022 at 10:00am - 12pm
Emily Bernath Aimee Pike Lilian Aguilar Garcia Mikaylee Gray Jessica Eichbauer Nancy Barrickman Jennifer Campbell Delia Kirk Yolanda Francisco-Nez

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