May Executive Director's Message


This month is Mental Health Month across the country and we're participating. We’re recognizing the important link between mental health and the recovery from trauma. We'll also spend the month acknowledge the importance of mental health awareness and self-care for advocates and professionals working in our field. This month we’ll be showcasing the importance of maintaining strong mental health practices and we’ll be showcasing the impact of trauma on the lifelong outcomes of us as people. 

In keeping with our theme of building a community for those working to end sexual violence in Utah, we’ve created a new membership program called the Vanguard Network. This network is designed for anyone who is interested in supporting our statewide efforts to end sexual violence. If you like the work we’re doing, please consider joining the Vanguard Network by clicking here.

Our members are the backbone of our efforts and power the work that we’re doing in communities across the state. Here are the things that our members are making possible this month:

  • We’re kicking off May with our 3rd Annual [Fearless] 5K on Saturday, May 6th. The Fearless 5K raises critical funds to support the life-changing work of the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault and serves as a source of inspiration and hope for advocates and survivors of sexual assault alike. Even if you don’t run, come have fun at the after party in the park, it's free and you are guaranteed to have a blast! Read more.

  • On May 10th, 2017 we're partnering with several organizations and agencies to present a special pre-conference session to the Network on Juveniles Offending Sexually (NOJOS) Conference. This special event, Youth Pathways to Human Trafficking will identify and discuss risk factors for youth as it relates to human trafficking. Read more.
  • On May 11th, we’re partnering with the Utah Department of Health’s Violence and Injury Prevention Program to bring Bystander Intervention Training to Utah County again. This time, the training will be held at Brigham Young University. Read more.
  • On May 18th, the Davis County CARES (Community Allied Resources to End Sexual Violence) Coalition is having their monthly meeting. CARES is an effort that began in Davis County in April of 2016 with the intention of preventing sexual violence throughout Davis County. Read more.

  • On May 30th, we are hosting the third installment of our professional development and networking event series. This course will provide an overview of the issues, terminology, and facts surrounding polygamy and plural marriage in Utah. We have partnered with Cherish Families to provide this free educational event for the public and professionals working in the sexual violence prevention, intervention, and treatment field. Read more.  

This is only a small portion of what we are doing and we hope that you’ll join us and get involved. Our work is powered by our membership program. Join us on the next step of our journey by becoming a member of our newly formed Vanguard Network. By making a monthly membership contribution to UCASA, you are joining the local movement to end sexual violence. Our members include community leaders with a wide range of interests, backgrounds, and experience working to combat sexual violence in our community.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to schedule one of our events in your community. We are a statewide organization and love to support the work of our community partners across the state.

Thank you,
Turner C. Bitton
Executive Director
[email protected]
(801) 746-0404 Ext. 1