How to file a human resources complaint of sexual harassment

SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) --  Amidst high-profile sexual assault allegations in the workplace, many cases still go unreported. There are local agencies that can walk you through the steps on how to file a grievance with your employer.

Some are saying this is a watershed moment. The Rape Recovery Center says they've had a 76 percent increase in calls into their crisis line last month.

Mara Haight, Rape Recovery Center Executive Director, "False reporting is rare. About 90% of survivors are not reporting. If we embolden people to share their case, that number will continue to increase. It won't mean more people are being assaulted it means more people are speaking out."

But how do you go about doing that?

One of the first calls could be to the Rape Recovery Center.

"Our first concern is how are you feeling? How are you doing? What do you want right now? If reporting to police is not what you feel comfortable with, we'll help them. It might be an advocate that helps you contact the HR representative. We'll help you find the words, what to say," said Haight.
Turner Bitten, the Executive Director at the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault or UCASA has been taking calls from employers and training organizations on safe work environments.

"We've had calls from ski resorts to non-profit organizations and government agencies reaching out for training," Bitten.

Bitten says it starts with strong leadership and a commitment to a safe working environment, training and policies in place on how to file a human resources complaint.
And for the survivor, knowing the resources available is key.

"We want to give you all the information and choices that you need to make a decision that feels empowering to you," said Haight. 

There are nearly a dozen resources community based sexual violence services in Utah.

Free and confidential victim support is available 24 hours a day at 888-421-1100.

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