College & University

Most colleges and universities are jurisdictions separate from the cities and towns they operate within. Each jurisdiction usually extends to premises used or controlled by that college or university.

In addition to criminal and civil remedies, students often have options for resolution of their sexual assault, stalking, and other violent crime cases through a campus judicial process. 

If you are a student, we encourage you to contact your campus resource to find out what assistance is available, regardless of where the crime occurred. Victims of sexual and physical assault, relationship/domestic violence, stalking, and/or harassment that violates the college’s or university’s student code of conduct may receive specific victim accommodations.

In many cases, these accommodations include:

  • Offender sanctions
  • A campus restraining order to prohibit harassment
  • Assistance with pressing criminal and/or civil charges (if desired)
  • Housing transfers (victim and/or offender if living in campus housing)
  • Academic schedule modifications (victim and/or offender)
  • Letters of absence
  • Attendance/enrollment options
  • Procedures for Campus Disciplinary Actions
  • Information on your rights as a victim on campus
  • Information and referrals

For more information about Title IX on our Resources for Student Survivors page.

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