'Me Too' sexual violence awareness campaign making an impact in Utah

(KUTV) Social media continues to blow up with the “Me Too” campaign, spreading awareness about sexual harassment and assault.

All of this movement on social media is now having an effect here in Utah. More people are talking about their experiences with sexual violence, and they're reaching out to places that can help.

Turner Bitton, executive director of the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault, said his organization has seen a spike in people asking for help and seeking resources.

“This morning I had 11 emails,” said Bitton. “Folks are reaching out not just about sexual violence but also about sexual harassment.”

It's the outgrowth of the explosive story involving Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. As his accusers have come forward, so have people across the world to share their own stories.

The coalition is now helping those sexual assault survivors find services and helping others prevent violence in the first place.

“One of the emails that was in my inbox this morning was, I want to do a training on sexual harassment, I want to do a training about professionalism in the workplace,” said Bitton.

All this is helping bring some positivity out of the pain of this difficult issue.

“We’ve really seen not only businesses but survivors, folks from around the state reaching out, wanting to engage in this issue,” Bitton said. “It’s very, very gratifying.”

To find resources for sexual assault survivors and for more information, visit UCASA.org/resources.

Sexual assault victims can also call the 24/7 Sexual Violence Crisis Line at 1-888-421-1100.

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