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Statewide 24-hour Rape Crisis and Information Hotline


What To Do If You’ve Been Assaulted

If Your Have Been Raped or Sexually Assaulted

Try and find safety.  Call someone you trust, such as a friend, and/or a confidential rape crisis victim advocate at 1.88.421.1100.

Please remember that the assault was not your fault.  There are people throughout Utah who will believe you and support you as you decide what to do.

Whether or not you wish to report to the police or go to the hospital, or if you have questions, call the statewide toll-free crisis and information hotline for confidential support and crisis intervention at 1.888.421.1100.

If you think you might go to the hospital, don’t bathe or douche.  This could destroy valuable evidence.  If oral contact tool place, try not to smoke, eat, drink, or brush your teeth until after you have been examined.

Medical attention is vital, as you may have injuries of which you are unaware.  They can also test you for sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy, and provide appropriate treatment.  You can access these services without reporting to the police, however, if the healthcare provider suspects abuse they are mandated to report to law enforcement.

If you’ve already changed clothes, place them in a paper bag) plastic may destroy evidence) and bring them with you.  If you haven’t changed, keep your original clothes on, and bring an extra set to wear home from the hospital.  The police may need to keep your clothes for evidence.  This could be vital to prosecution.

You can request a victim advocate.  If you are not provided one at the hospital or police department, ask for an advocate from the local rape crisis center or call the statewide toll-free crisis and information hotline at 1.888.421.1100 and ask that a trained advocate meet you at the hospital or police department.

Where to go for help:

Utah Toll-free 24-Hour Rape and Sexual Assault Crisis and Information Line 1.888.421.1100

Utah Domestic Violence Link Line 1.800.897.LINK (5465)


Statewide Resources

Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault (UCASA)
1.866.87.UCASA (toll-free)

Utah Domestic Violence Council (UDVC)

Prevent Child Abuse Utah
1.800.CHILDREN (toll-free)


Sego Lily Center for Abused Deaf
Text/Voice: 801.997.0452
Daytime Video Phone: 801.590.4920
After Hours Video Phone: 801.614.7885

ASL Interpreter Agencies in Utah


Salt Lake Area Family Justice Center
*Has access to a 24-hour Medical Clinic to  perform rape exams
801.537.8600 (after regular business hours


Statewide Resource Directory

Utah Department of Health
Violence and Injury Prevention Program


Utah Rape Crisis Programs

Community Abuse Prevention and Services Agency (CAPSA)
Logan, UT
435.753.2500 (24-Hour Crisis Line)

Center for Women and Children in Crisis (CWCIC)
Orem, UT
801.377.5500 (24-Hour Crisis Line)

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victim Advocates (DVSAVA)
Tooele, UT
435.882.6888 (24-Hour Crisis Line)

DOVE Center
St. George, UT
435.628.1204 (24-Hour Crisis Line)

Gentle Ironhawk Shelter
Richfield, UT
1.866.206.0379 (Toll-free)

New Horizons Crisis Center
Richfield, UT
435.896.9294 (24-Hour Crisis Line)
1.800.343.6302 (Toll-Free Crisis Line)

Rape Recovery Center
Salt Lake City, UT
801.467.7273 (24-Hour Crisis Line)

Safe Harbor Crisis Center
Kaysville, UT
801.444.9161 (24-Hour Crisis Line)

Moab, UT

Your Community Connection (YCC)
Ogden, UT
801.392.7273 (24-Hour Crisis Line)

Your Community in Unity (YCU)
Brigham City, UT