Job Opportunity: Clinical Coordinator II - Utah County Children's Justice Center

cjc-logo_(4).jpgSTARTING SALARY: Step 45 - $26.31 per hour, $2,105 Bi-weekly

OPENING DATE: July 28, 2017                     CLOSING DATE: August 11, 2017

JOB SUMMARY: Under general supervision of the Executive Director - Children’s Justice Center and as a licensed mental health professional, coordinates and facilitates investigation and intervention services for child abuse victims and their families and provides training for community professionals.

DUTIES INCLUDE: Oversees, trains, and evaluates graduate student interns and coordinates their scheduling with the Director. Performs advanced assessments to identify child risk factors and safety concerns and makes professional therapeutic recommendations. Provides direct clinical intervention and coordination to assist in the initial investigation, review, staffing, and treatment referral processes for child abuse victims; facilitates investigation of child abuse cases; provides initial assessment of child victim and family needs; maintains information and contacts for making specialized individual child abuse treatment referrals to community providers. Coordinates the involvement of law enforcement, protective services, county attorney, medical and mental health treatment personnel, and other agencies with the alleged abuse victims and their families. Provides emotional support to the child and family and provides investigation processes information. Assesses the emotional state of the child and family and makes recommendations for action to the Multidisciplinary Team investigating the alleged abuse; helps to establish a non-threatening environment for children and families; assists in implementing procedures to assist agencies in obtaining evidence useful for criminal prosecution and protective action in civil proceedings in a manner which does not further traumatize a child. Interacts with local and state-wide Child Protective Services workers, law enforcement, county attorneys, treatment providers, and social service agencies to facilitate collaboration efforts. Provides direct crisis intervention services to alleged child abuse victims and non-offending family members on site or by telephone; assesses the mental health and needs of the child and parents and makes appropriate treatment recommendations using information obtained during intake interviews, collateral contacts, and by reviewing assessment results; makes treatment or social services referrals to various agencies and refers cases for criminal investigation according to applicable laws and regulations.

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Job Opportunity: Victim Assistant

Victim Services Program/Provo Police Department
Part-time Regular position

Posted: July 12, 2017

Essential Duties: This is a position with the Provo Police Department coordinating services for the Victim Services program. The individual appointed to this position will be required to perform the following duties: interview violence against women victims and advise them of available resources; coordinate the services of various agencies for victims; coordinate with officers and other agencies to enhance the safety of victims; assist victims through court procedures; testify in court when necessary; maintain case files and victim database statistics; attend training to enhance skills; answer questions of the public and officers as a victim’s rights advocate; attend monthly meetings to enhance victim safety and coordinate resources; notify next of kin in cases involving death; work with family members for resources and to assist officers in their investigation in cases involving death; respond out in the field to meet with victims when needed; transport victims to court and resources when needed; assist victims with writing orders of protection; assist victims with making victim impact statements in court; assist with reparations and restitution; work closely with officers and detectives on violence against women crimes; and perform other job related duties as required.

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Job Opportunity: Special Victims Unit Investigator (Detective)

Provo Police Department
Part Time Contract Position

Posted: July 10, 2017

Essential Duties: This is a Special Victims Unit Investigator (Detective) position with the Provo City Police Department. The appointed employee will be required to perform the following duties: enforce all laws of the State of Utah and/or the City of Provo and Utah County; work under special assignment in the Provo City Criminal Investigative Division and investigate cases for the Victim Assistance Program, (specifically violence against women), coordinate cases with the Victim Services Program Coordinator; gather intelligence through the investigative process, investigate complaints and crimes by interviewing complainants, suspects, witnesses, victims and prisoners; prepare, compose, and submit reports of a quality to be used in a court of law or as a basis for further investigation or intelligence gathering; maintain case files and inform other detectives of relevant case information; testify in court or at hearings when subpoenaed; arrest suspects by proper and approved methods; subdue, overcome, and control persons by using reasonable force; maintain security of and escort prisoners from crime scenes to jail, court, or other assigned areas; handle inquiries or complaints; render first aid when necessary; notify next-of-kin in cases involving death; and perform other duties as required.

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Job Opportunity: Family Crimes Intervention Unit Coordinator

SUMMARY: Under general supervision of the Investigations Lieutenant, supervises the Family Crimes / Intervention (FCI) Unit. Responsible for coordinating victim advocacy and intervention services to end the cycle of violence and crime in families. Responsible for overseeing the Sandy Youth Court program.

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Job Opportunity: Prevention and Awareness Coordinator

Peace House is a charitable organization dedicated to ending family violence and abuse, including sexual assault and abuse, in the community through education, outreach, support services and shelter. To fulfill our mission, Peace House offers specific services to all of our clients, including Case Management, Therapy, Advocacy and Crisis Intervention. Peace House is located in Park City, UT. Peace House is an equal opportunity employer.

Classification: Non-exempt Full-Time Salary: $37,000 -$41,600 DOE Reports to: Program Director


The Prevention and Awareness Coordinator will oversee all Peace House awareness, training, and prevention education efforts.

Community Awareness: generalized information and presentations about Peace House Services, introduction to Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, and Sexual Assault to the community at large. The purpose is to let people know we exist, to expand our reach to potential clients and to increase knowledge of Peace House in the community.

Training: Teaches community members and professionals about more specific topics (i.e. Trauma Informed Care, Lethality Assessment, Cut It Out (salon professionals), Faith Leaders, Safe Bars, more expansive DV and SA education, etc.) and how to apply those to their profession.

Prevention Education: Focuses on curricula that teach potential victims about DV, SA, and Child Abuse (and their opposites, i.e. Healthy Relationships) and provides preventative tools (i.e. warning signs, safety plans, techniques to stay safe, etc.)

This position will report directly to the Program Director, will serve as an active member within the program and Peace House, and will perform the following duties and others as assigned: 

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Job Opportunity: Prevention Specialist

Peace House is a charitable organization dedicated to ending family violence and abuse, including sexual assault and abuse, in the community through education, outreach, support services and shelter. To fulfill our mission, Peace House offers specific services to all of our clients, including Case Management, Therapy, Advocacy and Crisis Intervention. Peace House is located in Park City, UT. Peace House is an equal opportunity employer.

Classification: Part Time $15/ hour
Reports to: Prevention & Awareness Coordinator


Peace House operates Prevention & Awareness Programming that works to inform the community about domestic and sexual violence and Peace House services and to create a community network that can benefit and support clients. Peace House also provides prevention education programming in grades K-12 in schools in Summit and Wasatch Counties to inform students about abuse and its opposites (i.e., healthy relationships). 

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Job Opportunity: Assistant Director of Advocacy & Wellness Center


Assistant Director of Advocacy &
Wellness Center for Student Wellness

University of Utah

Job # PRN14732B



Position Description

The Center for Student Wellness seeks an Assistant Director of Advocacy & Wellness who is committed to taking a holistic approach to support and empower victims of interpersonal violence (IPV). The Assistant Director will oversee IPV advocacy efforts and joins a dynamic team that is engaged in shaping the student experience. This position will supervise Sexual Assault Support Advocates to help victims navigate and receive resources, services, and support throughout their time at the University. The position will maintain an active caseload and provide direct advocacy services to clients.  As needed, they will evaluate sexual violence response and prevention services and make recommendations for improving program effectiveness. Thus, we are seeking an Assistant Director who is student-focused, a strong communicator, and critical thinker who values working within a close team to support survivor success and resilience.

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